The Beginning of the Fountain Pen

Let’s be honest. The thought of reading a book from cover to cover is a daunting task for a lot of people. The thought of then writing about that book reminds most people of 5 grade book reports and high school essays on novels you didn’t read, which are not fond memories most of the time.

So here is where I come in. I am one of a few select kind of nerd; the kind who likes reading a book and writing about it, or at least talking my new favorite book to anyone who will listen at Christmas. They encourage me to write.

To all you students, fellow nerds, book lovers, and writers; this blog will help you on your path to nailing that essay, rediscovering your favorite book, or even help in picking the right book for your oh-so-picky Auntie Susan.

It is my crusade to bring you the most honest and least boring book review that I possibly can. I will be reading and re-reading books of all genres, periods, cultures, and notoriety, including some of the books that are popular right now, and books that you have never even heard of.

I aim to please, so tell me if you want me to review a book in particular.

Happy reading!